Welcome to the Institute for Researching into genealogical History 


IRgH supports individuals and organizations in the exploration of their own history. We deal with all the information and documents of the past 1000 years. We source the information for you.

What sort of information would you like to obtain?

  • Drawing the classic genealogical tree
  • Family crests
  • Historical spelling of family names
  • Women who married into a family
  • Historical illustrations of ancestors
  • DNA-analysis with a view to clarifying relationships
  • Ancestral territories, estates and housing
  • Investigating ancient ancestral places
  • Migration, propagation, new ancestral members of the family
  • Introductory courses into reasearch of individual history / further training courses
  • Publications

We are looking forward to making research on your behalf!

Potential points of contact of an individual with history

  • religious functions
  • secular functions
  • professions
  • education
  • civil rights
  • members of guilds
  • victims of the plague
  • martial actions
  • levies
  • citizenship of the Swiss Federal Confederation
  • linguistic boundaries
  • blazes
  • famines
  • persecution of Jews
  • natural disasters
  • birth, marriage and death
  • legacies
  • property and fortune
  • family connections
  • criminal offences
  • pauperization
  • census
  • witch trials
  • flight, emigration, immigration
  • political parties, clubs, fraternities, leagues
  • sports
  • under observation


Publications of the Institute for Research into genealogical History (IRgH)

The publications of the IRgH are not available in bookshops. They are sold on the internet by IRgH. They are printed on demand and dispatched by mail. All publications contain a summary in several languages.


  • Family names – geographical spreading – migration – clans – relationships (2012) price: 10 CHF  


Aspects that are dealt with during the lectures:

  • The spelling of the family name
  • Methodology of pre-Reformation Genealogy
  • The mobility of the ancestors in pre-Reformation period
  • The issue of family crest
  • The DNA analysis as a tool of genealogy

A selection of already investigated families: