To which century would you like to trace back the line of your ancestors?

Representing a „classic“ genealogical tree primarily means representing the last few generations before today’s present graphically by way of a tree. By doing so, we will soon find that the most recent generations have caused a great many ramifications. However, it also deserves notice that the expert on genealogy had to put up with some restrictions to keep the branches of the trees from growing too profusely. These restrictions become visible from the names tied to the trunk of the tree, as there we do not find any more horizontal branches, even though, as a matter of fact, they would have existed in most cases.

Another characteristic of common genealogical trees is the fact that they come to an abrupt end after two or three centuries.

When defining a genealogical tree of one’s own we want a clear concept as to the number of generations to be completely represented and as to extent of naming the direct ancestors on the time line. As a matter of fact, in most cases it is possible to name them back to the time of the Reformation on the basis of church registers. With a bit of luck and useful documents ancestors can often be recognized by names as far back as the 15th or even the 14th century.

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Basic research

The church registers serve as the basis for all individualized historical research. The IRgH offers to trace back the direct male ancestors on the basis of one and the same church register right down to the the first entries. The following basic conditions must be met:

  • No influx from any other church parish
  • No illegitimate child whose father is not known
  • There are no persons of that same generation bearing the same first and family names

If one only of these conditions is met, the line of direct ancestors cannot be traced back on the basis of the church register. In this case additional documents have to be consulted which is likely to cause extra work and thus extra costs.


  • In Switzerland CHF 300 all-inclusive  
  • Abroad CHF 300 plus additional charges  

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Genealogical tree

The IRgH offers to create a classical genealogical tree.

Church registers will normally be sufficient for this type of research. If the genealogical tree is to be traced as far back as to pre-reformatory times, additional documents will be consulted. It is up to the customer to define which generations are to be represented in detail or only by way of sons and heirs. Thus, the additional amount of work may vary. Therefore, no clearly defined charges can be given. However, the IRgH will be pleased to offer overall charges that are acceptable to either side.

Costs: All-inclusive charges according to arrangement