Migration and historical living space

Where do you ancestors come from?

We can explore our ancestors’ living space in a variety of ways:

On the one hand, we can observe the various habitats of our ancestors on the time line to obtain some geographical notions. Their domicile may have been in the same community or even in the same house for a longer period of time. However, the ancestors may as well have moved into the community from some other village. If in the course of generations they changed their domicile
repeatedly, we can discern a migration route. If there is such a migration route, then there is the question why. Since geographical spaces also exert a mental influence on man, this search for origins seems particularly interesting.

On the other hand, we may also closely observe the mobility of our ancestors in a certain period of time. In order to explore their whereabouts, specific documents may tell us, for example, where exactly they had to pay their tithe or to deliver their wood, where they contacted authorities or religious institutions, or where exactly they had to serve in armed conflicts.

Service package 4

Spread and migration

The IRgH offers to investigate the regional spread of the ancestors, as defined by the customer according to time and space, in order to shed light on migratory movements.

On the basis of such an investigation church registers as well as various other documents are consulted. The amount of additional work resulting from this is not very easy to assess, and thus the exact charges cannot be given. However, the IRgH will be pleased to offer overall charges that are acceptable to either side.

Costs: All-inclusive charges according to arrangement