Do you wish to profit from your own history with respect to your future?

In order to develop pleasantly, to find contentment and to shape our future, we have to know ourselves. Consequently, we have to be aware of both our weak and our strong points, with a view to coming to grips with our weaknesses on the one hand, and to having a strong foundation in our positive qualities on the other. If we strive for this knowledge, it is prerequisite that we have a thorough knowledge of our own life. As it is through experience, education, tradition and inheritance that we have become what we are.

However, not only our own personal lifetime is of great importance but also the time before. It is
true to say that the experiences which our ancestors have made have had a bearing on the education, tradition and inheritance of their children. Man is, in general, not only the biological product of his parents, but he also has characteristics, modes of behavior and talents with which he has been endowed from birth by his line of ancestors. It is this very knowledge that we have to adopt as our own.